Choity’s life changing surgery

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Choity’s life is changed thanks to surgeon Associate Professor Chris Kimber and his team at Monash Children’s Hospital, and the charities that helped bring her from Bangladesh to Australia.

Choity was born with three legs and complex anatomy that required her to wear a colostomy.  As if life wasn’t hard enough for this little one, she also had limited vision.

However her parents had hope when Children First Foundation secured the support of Chris Kimber and Monash Children’s Hospital after Choity was referred to us by Atom Rahman and Bangladeshi charity AACHOL Trust.

Choity’s story appeared in the Herald Sun in Melbourne and on SBS TV news on Saturday 26 November 2016.

Read Herald Sun journalist Grant McArthur’s story with photographs by Tim Carrafa and Jason Edwards.

You can also watch the SBS TV news story as reported by journalists Sarah Abo and Luke Waters.



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