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It was a chance discovery on google that brought volunteer Susan Whitehead to Children First.

Susan had recently retired and she was looking for something to fill her days. Her brother and niece live in Kilmore so she regularly made the journey to visit them from Mickleham, where she lives with her husband.   Kilmore is just a half hour from home so she thought volunteering in the area would be perfect.

So while searching for some ideas, Children First popped up on google and she decided to apply.  That was last November and Susan has been one of our regular Wednesday volunteers ever since.  This still leaves time for her to spend time with her grandsons who live near her.

“I just love it.” Susan says. “I’m a hands-on person and I love helping people – it must be the country girl in me!

“When I first started there were four PNG children at the Retreat.  I’d done Kokoda, so I showed them my book and they enjoyed looking and showing me where they lived.”

These shared experiences with the children happen every day and it’s what makes volunteering at the Retreat so rewarding – the children as well as our volunteers.

“I just love being part of their day,” said Susan.

Volunteers are an invaluable part of our holistic care team at the Miracle sMiles Retreat:  they make a genuine contribution to the well-being of the children and the day to day running of the Retreat.  Each volunteer brings a different skill or interest to the role which adds to the diversity at the Retreat.

Volunteers are rostered at times that fit their family or work life: some commit to a day or half day a week, others are on the ‘overnight sleep’ roster to support the overnight staff,  and there are those who do part or whole weekends, again supporting our staff.

If you’d like to know more about volunteering call Anne, our volunteer coordinator on 9329 4822 or email volunteer@childrenfirstfoundation.com



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