Nima and Dawa head ‘home’ to the Retreat

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“Thank you .  Nima is good, Dawa is good.  I am happy.  Thank you.”  This was Bhumchu’s grateful message as she left the Royal Children’s Hospital with her daughters, just sixteen days after the surgery that separated them.

Farewell nurse Kate

Nurses and support staff on the Platypus Ward gathered to say goodbye and wish them well before mum Bhumchu wheeled the girls away in their new pram (generously donated by Jackie from Cool Kidz ).  Bhumchu laughed when we said she’s ‘learning to drive’ as she tried to negotiate the doorways!

Downstairs they posed for photos in front of media before heading to the car park, then off to Children First’s Miracle sMiles Retreat in Kilmore with Retreat Manager Deb and Assistant Manager Judy.

Nima and Dawa will be cared for by staff and volunteers at the Retreat where they’ll undergo physiotherapy to strengthen muscles they haven’t used, and help them learn to do those things they couldn’t do while they were joined.  At this stage we are unsure how long they’ll remain in Australia but we’ll work with Bhumchu to plan their return home to their dad and siblings in Bhutan.


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