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Bhumchu, Nima and Dawa have arrived safely in Bhutan after leaving here on 6 March.  On arrival in Bhutan the girls were greeted by their father and government officials before being presented with a ceremonial scarf.

Before leaving Australia Bhumchu spoke to her friend Jigme who translated this message of thanks from their native Bhutanese into English for all Australians.

To all the Australians near and far who sent me their love and support, you all gave me hope and put smile on my face while going through some terrible times.  I just want to say, you guys are awesome.

I would especially like to thank the Children First Foundation for consenting to sponsor the surgery without which whatever has happened wouldn’t be possible.

In particular, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Marina Te Maro for not giving up on me and my kids.

I want to thank Deb in particular for being a motherly figure to me while at the retreat. Your surprise birthday celebration is something I will remember forever.

I also want to thank Dr Joe Crameri and the team for giving new life to my little ones.

My deepest gratitude to (staff and volunteers) Judy, Grace, Karli, Tracey, Ester, Ellen, Suse, Jenny, Serra, Kate, Michelle, Liz, Jose and Simonetta  for taking me as one of you. My life in Australia was homely because of the lovely treatment you all provided to me.

Thank you Alex and Grant for escorting me and also Sister Tshewang for being the second mother. Dr Phil Bergman for taking me around and letting me see Melbourne through my own eyes.

Bhutanese fraternity in Melbourne for never letting me feel homesick. In particular, I would like to thank Ata Jigme and his wife for visiting me regularly and offering me help in whatever I needed. I would also like to thank ata Namgay and Chinky for visiting and helping me around.

To Dr Karma Sherub, you are my God on earth. Everything has happened because of you.

I want to thank Parsuram Sharma also for coming forward and promising to render your support for now and future of my kids.

To the Victorian Government, thank you so much for giving me and my kids a new life. To each and every Bhutanese in Australia who contributed for the future of my kids, I will ever remain grateful for such generosity.  Thank you one and all.


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