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Seven-year-old Chien from Vietnam has just had surgery that will literally transform his life.

Before this surgery, life for Chien was a stark contrast to the lives lived by most Australian children. 

Born with a condition known as clubfeet, Chien has NEVER walked.

For a child born in Australia, this condition would be self-corrected with the use of orthotics from birth and never require surgical intervention.

Sadly, this wasn’t the case for Chien.

The lack of required medical resources in Vietnam, coupled with limited financial means to access treatment from a young age – has meant that Chien’s condition has become worse as he has grown.

Chien’s parents are not present in his life. He lives with his grandmother in a remote northern Vietnamese village, an 8-hour drive from the nearest city.

During the school term, he lives with his teachers, hundreds of kilometres from home. His school friends carry him on their backs to help him get around.

Indoors, Chien uses his incredible upper body strength to scoot around, using his arms to lift, manouvre and move his body.

Thanks to Professor Ton Tran and the incredible team at St John of God Berwick Hospital, Chien has now had corrective surgery to both his feet and his right hip.

Within 6-12 months Chien should be walking and can look forward to a healthy, happy and brighter future ahead of him.

Chien will stay at the hospital for a few more days, after which he will return to our Retreat and commence his rehabilitation.

We can’t wait to see how Chien goes and look forward to keeping you up to date with his progress.

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