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How long have you been volunteering for Children First Foundation?

I have been volunteering with Children First Foundation for about ten years. I was invited to join by the CEO at the time, Marg Smith, who I had worked with on committees at our daughters’ school. At that time, the conjoined twins, Krishna and Trishna had been successfully separated and a lot of attention was surrounding the Foundation.

I found it such a worthwhile and necessary organisation that gives so many children a chance. I was looking for a charity to become involved with and the compassion and devotion of the staff and volunteers were a huge drawcard for me. It just ticked all the boxes…

Tell us a little about your volunteering role at Children First Foundation…

I am involved in the Foundation’s Events Committee, which helps to put together all the major fundraising events, like the Annual Gala Ball and Sparkling Lunch. Being a milliner, my role in the Events Committee is more on the creative side! I spend most of my time working with Merryn (another volunteer on the Events Committee) who is an extraordinary florist. All our events are topped off with beautiful floral arrangements, and we brainstorm and make a lot of the overall design and colour decisions together.

Tell us about your most memorable times of volunteering with us so far…

One of my highlights at the Foundation was our last visit to Government House and having a little play with the adorable “separated” twins, Nima and Dawa! What a joy they were and how fabulous to see them as two thriving little girls.

Another highlight is the companionship we have established in the Events Committee and how we all work together in such harmony. The Committee is made up of a fabulous group of girls. I love working with them and making decisions quite simply without angst – we are all on the same train most of the time!

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I run a small millinery business from my home, and I enjoy the contact with my clients. Most of my work is for the Spring Carnival but I also do bridal work too. I regularly travel to purchase fabrics and stock and to expand my knowledge and connections worldwide. I grew up with a mum who, for as long as I can remember, worked for charity tirelessly. I guess I have followed in her footsteps always wanting to find the next cause. I have four children, all adults and two granddaughters, adorable and very blessed.


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