Nima and Dawa turn three!

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Hip hip hurray! Formerly conjoined twins, Nima and Dawa, celebrated their third birthday on Tuesday, 14 July.

Can you believe that it was just over a year ago that we said a bittersweet good-bye to these two gorgeous girls and their mum, Bhumchu, as they returned home to Bhutan, following their life-changing surgery?

Look at them now!  They have literally come on leaps and bounds.

Mum, Bhumchu tells us that the girls are growing up super fast! She says that both Nima and Dawa love clothes and fashion (they can’t wait to wear their new birthday dresses), watching cartoons, singing, dancing and making friends with the kids from the neighbourhood. They are also mastering the alphabet, colours, numbers and so much more.

It brings us much joy to share the following message from Bhumchu:

“Nothing makes me more happier than to see my girls coming this far when a few years ago, I wasn’t even sure that they would reach this milestone.

I am so thankful to Children Foundation and The Royal Children’s Hospital for giving my girls a new life. In fact, I am in debt to all the people in Australia for showering us with love and care throughout. It warms my heart and brings tears, remembering the love we received in Australia.

As my girls turn three, I am thankful to each and everyone in Australia for being there for us physically and emotionally with their good wishes. Thank you for giving my girls a new life and a bright future. I am including each and every one of you in my daily prayers.”    Bhumchu


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