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Meet this gorgeous and joyful young lady – Nichole.

Nichole is 11 and is from the Philippines. Behind her beautiful smile, Nichole lives with severe scoliosis. While most cases of scoliosis are mild, for a few like Nichole, the condition progressively gets worse.

xray of Nicholes spine

This X-ray shows how severely Nichole’s spine is curved.

Without suitable treatment (which she is not able to access in the Philippines), as well enduring much pain, over time Nichole’s mobility and lung functionality is likely to be hugely compromised.

We are waiting to hear more about when Nichole’s treatment and surgery can begin. In the meantime, tiny Nichole has worked hard, alongside our staff and carers at The Retreat, to put on 5kgs, on her surgeon’s request. She is now a healthy weight for surgery! We will keep you informed of her progress.

If you’d like to help more children like Nichole access surgery and treatment that will transform their lives, please donate today.


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