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Monthly donations enable us to plan based on a regular income. The on-going support of our regular donors helps to make real improvements to the lives of the children we support – that’s why we call them our Miracle Workers.

Andrew with his daughter Ashlee

How long roughly have you been making a regular donation to Children First Foundation?

I first started donating in March of 2020 but I decided I wanted to commit to regular donations soon after. I thought this would offer some security or comfort to CFF as the current environment (COVID-19) had created quite a bit of uncertainty amongst everyone. I guess I added CFF to one of my favourite organizations quite quickly.

Can you remember what made you decide to support us in the first place?

I was initially contacted about buying tickets for an event of which CFF was a beneficiary. At the time I thought I would prefer to send some support directly to the organisation.  As a result I asked Google to find me the CFF website and then soaked in all the information and stories they had available.  One story in particular moved me to make my first donation. I knew I could address the funds required to help the individual in need. *Andrew answered the call to donate the final amount needed towards a vital piece of orthopedic equipment for one of our kids.

What stands out for you about Children First Foundation?

I LOVED a recent zoom meeting held by CFF called “More than meets the eye“.  Dr Chong speaking of his involvement with children was an amazing event.  It wasn’t just the words he spoke but the heart of love and compassion that was evident all throughout his talk.

What do you feel you get from being a part of the Children First Foundation family?

Andrew making friends on a visit to Africa.

I like being quiet and in the corner unseen mostly.  But what I receive is the joy in sharing hope and a brighter future for many children who often only need just a little hand up to live more fulfilling and unrestricted lives. 

It also comes with some tears shed at times but so often those are tears of joy knowing the small sacrifice I make can make such a huge difference into the life of another.  Above my office desk is the inscription WHO IS MY NEIGHBOUR?  I’m not always great at answering that question but I do understand the call on my life is to see a world where we are all brothers and sisters and that love should conquer all.

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