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Monthly donations enable us to plan based on a regular income. The on-going support of our regular donors helps to make real improvements to the lives of the children we support – that’s why we call them our Miracle Workers.

How long roughly have you been making a regular donation to Children First Foundation? 

For several years, maybe 5? Actually I have no idea – feel free to fact check!! We had a quick check Julie has been a regular donor for 5 years but started supporting us over 7 years ago.

Can you remember what made you decide to support us in the first place?

I give to a few charities and am always cognisant of the way funds are spent. I know CFF don’t waste money and work hard to garner wide and varied supporters. I am especially refreshed each year to continue my small contribution because I feel that CFF are doing amazing things.

My initial impetus to be a regular donor was seeing firsthand, in my professional role (Julie works at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, one of our long term partners), how vital the funds are to help support the children’s futures – futures that we here in Melbourne and Australia can make an extraordinary difference to. 

I first met Maria Doda many years ago and have since then have been lucky enough to met every CFF kid treated at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Melbourne. This has given me enormous inspiration, supporting CFF is a very good part of my life. It’s not about me – it’s about these amazing kid’s futures long after I’m gone.

What stands out for you about Children First Foundation?

Many things inspire me, maybe I can list them all.

Julie with Kashmala and Ruth a colleague from St Vincent’s Private Hospital

The hope that CFF create for the children’s futures.

The incredible faith the parents have to send their children to a foreign country for complex and sometimes quite risky procedures. I am in awe of their trust and courage to hand over their adored children to strangers to care for them, often for months or years. 

The energy of CFF over many years to make things happen- every staff member, every volunteer and every donor.

The innocence and trust each child has in CFF, this is proportionate to the immense responsibility CFF have for each child and their family. 

The tenacity of each child – probably homesick, in pain, bewildered by the Aussie way and yet they bounce out of bed everyday and do their physio, do their little chores, and all the while spoil us with their unconditional love and joy – that inspires me daily. 

What do you feel you get from being a part of the Children First Foundation family?

I get so much from my CFF connection and from being a part of the wider CFF Family.

Professionally it is a highlight of my career. To help enable our executive, our doctors and our teams to deliver to CFF the care we provide every year. Seeing the teams at my hospital loving their part in providing the excellent and compassionate clinical care when the children have their surgery and ongoing rehabilitation. The kids and CFF are an inspiring part of our hospital mission and our healing ministry.

Personally I am enriched as a person, to be connected to an extraordinary organisation and fine people, many who are now great friends. 

Spiritually the children’s courage and innocence inspires me to see the bigger picture and my very small part in making a difference in the world.

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