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After completing their long, and sometimes arduous orthopaedic treatments, Koko and Rach were given the all-clear in late November. With less than a month till Christmas, we were determined to get them both home for the festive season – Koko to Papua New Guinea and Rachael to Zambia.

Usually, getting the kids home is straightforward, but in these new COVID-19 times, with quarantining and other new rules and regulations that needed to be adhered to, it was quite a mammoth task!  Although it seemed precarious at a couple of points, we are happy to report that they both reached home safely in time to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones.

As they now head toward a brighter and pain-free future back at home, below are their messages of gratitude to you:

Bye Bye Rachael

 “This is my message to all the donors, volunteers, doctors, and medical professionals. It is because of you that I have come this far. If it hadn’t been for your donation or your help, none of us kids would have had our surgeries. ⁠ I want to say thank you for your compassion towards us and for making our lives better. You have helped hundreds of small hearts and given hope to a million small souls”. Rach⁠.

Koko waiting for his flight

“I am very lucky to be part of the Children First Foundation family. Thank you to everyone who has helped me over the years.”  Koko.

A huge thank you to Associate Professor Leo Donnan, Dr Jonathan Darby and St Vincent’s Private Hospital for their care of Koko and Rach.



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