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Meet Sue, our volunteer physiotherapist who plays such a significant role in our childrens’ life-changing journeys.

How long have you been volunteering with Children First Foundation?

I have now been volunteering with Children First Foundation for over 18 months. I volunteer as a physiotherapist to assist the children through their rehabilitation following their surgeries. 

I first heard about Children First Foundation through the Foundation’s association with St Vincent’s Private Hospital, where I work. I attended The Foundation’s Sparkling Lunch in May 2019 and was hugely impressed as I learnt more about the organisation. I dearly wanted to become involved. 

Why did you choose to volunteer for the Foundation?

The fact that the children that the Foundation helps cannot have the medical treatment they desperately need in their own countries, and because the surgeries are truly life-changing for these kids.

Tell us a little bit about your volunteering role at Children First Foundation…

I volunteer as a Physiotherapist and visit The Retreat every fortnight to treat the children who have had complex surgeries. This involves gait training, strengthening and mobilising exercises, and posture re-education. I liaise with the wonderful staff and volunteers at The Retreat to implement the rehabilitation programs prescribed by the surgeons.

What do you most enjoy about volunteering with Children First Foundation?

Without a doubt, the children. Their dedication and motivation are so inspiring. The warmth of the staff and carers is a huge standout too, and of course, also being appreciated by everyone at The Retreat!


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