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We love receiving messages from young people who return home to brighter futures, following treatment.

This lovely message from Rachael, who returned home to home to Zambia in late 2020, following her long and complex leg-lengthening treatment, was no exception.

“I am back at school, doing grade 11, and I’m doing really well in my subjects.  I am so thankful for the surgery and treatment I received. It’s made a huge difference to my life. I have been able to return to school pain-free and without collapsing. I can now sit at my desk. I can now kneel – I can do so many things that I couldn’t since I was a little child.

Most of all, the treatment has changed the way I think about myself. I feel very confident now and ready to take big steps into the future. I will work my hardest to get into University so that I can achieve my dream of training as a nurse.

I miss everybody at The Retreat and my time in Australia. I also miss seeing kangaroos because we don’t have them in Zambia!

Thank you to everyone who helped me get out of my critical condition. Thank you for changing my life and making it so much better.” Rachael, Zambia

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Watch the video to learn more about Rachael’s story.

Rachael’s story- edited from an original video produced by Teagan Glenane.


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