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Meet Santy. Santy is nine years old and from Zambia. Heartbreakingly, a year ago, Santy was running across a road when tragedy struck. A heavy goods truck was oncoming. The vehicle tried to sway out of the way. But poor Santy fell in its direction, and the truck went over her legs.

There was no choice – but for her legs to be amputated.

Santy’s mum died when she was very young. Her dad has never been in her life, so she was brought up by her elderly grandparents, until recently, when she was discovered by Serenje Orphan Children’s home*, located some 500km from Lusaka.

Since late June 2021, Santy has been living at the children’s home where she can access better care and will soon have the chance to attend school again (which she has not been able to do since the accident). However, she needs some ongoing medical care, AND THIS IS WHERE WE STEP IN.

Santy desperately needs medical care and treatment

While Santy’s right thigh has healed, she has kept getting infections in her left thigh, causing her much pain and discomfort. Upon investigation, she was diagnosed with bone lesions in the midshaft of her femur, which required surgery.

Working with Serenje Orphan Children’s home, we facilitated treatment at Biet Cure Hospital in Lusaka last week. The surgery was a success, and Santy will soon be back with her friends at Serenje.

Once she has fully recovered, we will continue to work with the team at Serenje to organise and procure prosthetics for Santy. We will also ensure that she gets the appropriate physiotherapy and support needed with adjusting to the prosthetics.

Santy’s dreams and hopes

“I want the pain to stop. I want to play with my friends. I hope that with prosthetics, I can stand and walk. I dream that I can go back to school soon,” says Santy hopefully.

Little Santy has gone through so much at her tender age. Together with our supporters and Serenje Orphan Children’s Home, we promise to do everything in our power to make her hopes and dreams come true.

*Children First Foundation has a long-standing relationship with Serenje Orphan’s home in Zambia. Over the years, Kamandete, who manages the home, has referred many children and young adults to us. Like Rach, who was with us in Australia for orthopaedic treatment from 2018-2020 and gorgeous Dorcas, who completed her orthopaedic treatment in 2015.  And who can forget Innocent, who had surgery in 2017?

How you can help more children like Santy

If you’d like to help more children like Santy access surgery and treatment that will transform their lives, please donate today.


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