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Last week we waved goodbye to Christina, who headed home to Tanzania after completing orthopaedic treatment for severely bowed legs. Here are Christina’s reflections on her treatment and her time with us at Children First Foundation. 


Congratulations on completing your treatment! Are you happy with the outcome? 

I am very happy with the outcome of my treatment. It has achieved everything I was wishing for. I was hoping more easily, and my dream has come true.  I hope no one will laugh again at me because of my legs anymore.


What was the most challenging part of your treatment?

The first few weeks after surgery were the most difficult, especially as I got used to the heavy frames. It was really hard to move. I struggled to do anything. The staff, volunteers and everyone else at The Retreat had to help me a lot.


Are you looking forward to going back home to Tanzania? 

I am really looking forward to being back at home. I want to help my grandma and see my friends. I can’t wait to go back to school and study hard. I am looking forward to swimming and dancing once my legs get stronger.


What will you miss most about Australia and your time at The Retreat?

I will miss everyone at The Retreat, all the places I’ve been to in Australia and the yummy food.


Any final words? 

Thank you to everyone for taking care of me and for choosing me to come here and have my surgery. Thank you for changing my life.


Christina had her surgery at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Melbourne, led by orthopaedic surgeon, Associate Professor Leo Donnan.

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