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Here is an update on two of our urgent cases, Xavier and Paska, who are waiting to come to Australia to begin their life-changing journeys.

Xavier, 15, Madagascar

Xavier with his mum

Xavier with his mum.

You may remember Xavier, whose treatment has been delayed by COVID-19 and our border closures. Xavier was due to arrive in Australia to begin his life-changing journey in 2020. 

Xavier sustained a grave injury to his leg as a young child, which caused severe damage to the top layers of the skin and tissue on his lower leg. Over time, this has resulted in significant tissue damage, chronic ulcers, a 90-degree contracture on his knee and a twisted ankle and foot.

Xavier needs urgent surgery and treatment.

To avoid further long-term issues, including the risk of developing cancer, Xavier needs to have his lower leg amputated and be fitted with a suitable prosthetic so he can walk again, go to school and get his life back.

The treatment is not possible in Madagascar, and Xavier is patiently waiting for our help.

During this time, we’ve been in regular contact with Australian Doctors for Africa to ensure that he is being supported with medication and dressings. Although Xavier’s condition is currently stable, he still desperately needs treatment.

Xavier’s case has been accepted by St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Melbourne, and we are currently waiting for his medical visa to be approved.



Paska, 10, Papua New Guinea

Paska needs urgent surgery and treatment.

Paska is another young boy whose treatment has been delayed by COVID-19. Like Xavier, he was also due to arrive in Australia in 2020.

As you may recall, Paska has a facial tumour that is expanding rapidly. It is the size of a small football and invading his eye, nose and mouth.

Worried that his condition might be deteriorating, we recently assisted Paska to have an assessment at Rabaul (Nonga) Provincial Hospital in PNG. We are very relieved to report that Paska is generally doing ok. The tumour has grown slightly, but he is still breathing and eating without problems. He is also still able to attend school, which is great news!

Paska’s surgery will take place at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has once again affected surgery schedules at the hospital, and therefore, Paska’s surgery is being pushed out to the first quarter of 2022.  We will continue to monitor Paska and ensure that he has the support he needs.


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