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CEO Elizabeth with Christina

Elizabeth with Christina

I am incredibly fortunate to have two families who mean the world to me. Today, I write to say thank you and farewell to my Children First Foundation family, as I step down from my role as CEO.

For over five years, I have loved being Children First Foundation’s CEO. As I reflect on these remarkable years, I feel an extraordinary sense of unity. Collectively with you, our enormously valued, compassionate and kind supporters, we truly have positively changed disadvantaged children’s lives, and their families and communities too. Thank you. We never left a stone unturned to give these kids hope and the “hand-up” to help them realise their dreams. We knew, when doing something for the right reasons, nothing could stop us .. nor stop these children and their families who place their enormous faith and trust in you and I. What a priceless gift they gave us.

‘Courageous’ is one of our Values – it reflects the courage of the amazing children we help. “Hanging out” with our kids over the past five-plus years has been an absolute joy and honour, the unreserved best part of my role. They constantly gave me the courage to embrace all possibilities to achieve the best outcome for them and the Foundation. Because of these children and their families, I became a better person every day .. a better CEO every day. How extremely privileged am I to have shared these children’s journeys. They have helped shape who I am today, and who I will be in the future. My gratitude to them is immense and will be treasured forever.

As I sign off, may I add my special thanks to the dedicated, passionate and inspiring staff, Directors and volunteers I have closely worked beside. I will always treasure your commitment, collegiality and positivity. I wish you and the new CEO, all the very best in ‘Giving Small Lives Big Hope’.

Together with Paul, our children and grandchildren, I am looking forward to embarking on new adventures in my life, and being bold in embracing all my tomorrows. I have learnt about courage from the best over the past five years.

To you, the Children First Foundation family, I sincerely appreciate your friendship, encouragement and support.

All the best, 


22 October 2021

Liz has been instrumental in Children First Foundation’s development, growth and success. We cannot thank her enough for the energy, vision, and heart that she has dedicated to the Foundation and the children. We will miss her enormously.

PS We are currently in the final stages of the recruitment of our new CEO and will keep you posted.


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