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Sarah (right) with Judy our Assistant Retreat Manager.

How long have you been volunteering for Children First Foundation?

I’ve been volunteering with the Foundation since 2015. I was introduced to the Foundation by a friend’s daughter. She suggested that I should become involved. I remember I started on a Friday and have never looked back. I love it!

What does your role as a volunteer involve?

I cook, teach the kids art, do pick up and drop-offs to hospitals, hang out with the kids and try and help wherever else I can. I love everything about Children First Foundation, the way it is run and the people who work here. We all get on so well and do our very best to make The Retreat a home-away-from-home for the kids.

What is one standout memory of volunteering with the Foundation so far?

For me, the most memorable time was getting to know the formerly conjoined Bhutanese twins, Nima and Dawa and their mum, Bhumchu. The twins’ transformation following their separation surgery was truly incredible. Even with the language barriers, it was easy to see how grateful Bhumchu was and how happy she was that her daughters’ lives had been saved.


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