Helping Mona to find her voice

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15-year-old Mona arrived in Australia just before Christmas. Mona has a severe cleft palate and needs surgery that isn’t possible in the Philippines.

After a stay in hotel quarantine, she was able to join us at the Retreat in time for our Christmas celebrations. However, due to the disruptions in surgery caused by COVID, she has had a longer than expected wait. 

Mona shared with us over the years I have been bullied because I can’t talk properly. That made me not talk much. This surgery will mean a lot to me.”

Her wonderful surgeon A/Prof James Leong understood how much the surgery means to Mona and how tough it’s been for her to be away from home for so long. He has pulled out all the stops, liaising directly with Mulgrave Private Hospital on CFF’s behalf and pulling together a volunteer surgical team for the day. Mona’s surgery will take place on Saturday 26th March. Her hopes are so simple that she will be able to “talk properly and well and get the words more understandable. I will be so happy to talk to mum, my family, and friends.”

This will be the first time that Children First Foundation has partnered with Mulgrave Private Hospital and we are incredibly grateful for this new relationship. We seldom struggle to find surgeons and health professionals who want to support our children but linking in with hospitals willing to support the surgeries has been getting gradually harder over the years. We truly appreciate everyone who comes together to enable the children to access the surgery they need but a new hospital partnership is incredibly exciting for us.

We can’t wait for Mona to have her surgery and finally find her voice, thanks to your support. We know she’ll have a lot to say but we’re pretty sure one of the first things will be THANK YOU!


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