Nima and Dawa are off to Kinder

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The formerly conjoined Bhutanese twins, Nima and Dawa, will soon start kindergarten thanks to your generosity. Nima and Dawa, who are now four and half years old, are ready to begin kindergarten, but their family could not afford the fees.  Funds were raised through our Back-Home-Support program to support the twin’s kindergarten fees, and now Nima and Dawa can access the education and future they aspire to. Thanks to your support the twins will start kindergarten in April.

The Back-Home-Support program specifically enhances the children’s health, education, and welfare opportunities post-treatment. Whilst it remains a small element of what we do it’s crucial to ensure we are truly changing the future of the children we help.  

The surgery is absolutely critical in changing and, at times, saving these children’s lives. It is also essential in removing the barriers which prevent them from accessing the tools they need to build a successful future – accessing education, employment, and social acceptance – but it may not always remove them all. Sometimes, these kids need a little extra help. The Back- Home-Support program is designed to be that little extra help. 

Any child who has gone through either our Miracle sMiles or our In-country program after 1 July 2015 is eligible to be considered for Back-Home-Support. Together with our generous supporters, we want to ensure that the kids who come through our door have every chance of a bright and positive future.

Whilst the twins are all set you can still support other children’s futures by making a donation towards this program. 


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