Program Partners

It takes a team to transform a child’s life and the kids we help have the best on their side.

Health professionals

We achieve extraordinary outcomes through collaboration with exceptional Australian surgeons and health professionals.

World class hospitals and surgeons, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals partner with us to provide support and outstanding care to the children.

We’re indebted to the teams and individuals who commit to providing the very best treatment to the children we help.

The following surgeons, anaesthetists, and medical and allied health professionals have generously supported our program during the past year:

Peter McNeil

Malcolm Tyres

Margaret Zacharin

Leo Donnan

Mike Dally

Tom Tan

Andrew Heggie

Scott Ferris

Chris Prior

Charles Baillieu

Nick Houseman

David McCombe

Laurie Poon

Gail Littlejohn

Rory Maher

Will Blake

Michael Lo

James Leong

Ray Hui

Walter Flapper

Mark Moore

Chris Coombs

Gagan Hira

Kate Barker

John Reeves

Patrick Chan

Tony Penington

Tamara Culnane

Monique Van den Boom

Chris Xenos

Michael Johnson

Ruth Knight

Graham Cannon

Jocelyn Shand

Rob Greenberg

Jonathan Burge

Alison Wray

Tony Holmes

David Chong

Nicole Waldron

Julie Wain

Ian Grisold

Scott Bulger

Shaune Gillespie

Lora Kay


Children First is proud to partner with some of Australia’s leading private and public hospitals to provide this life changing surgery.

Motivated by their own commitments to social justice, hospitals donate the services of their exceptional staff and world-class facilities, or in the case of public hospitals, provide humanitarian rates were possible.

Many of the children we help need complex and sophisticated surgery which requires the expertise and infrastructure of large medical institutions, so these partnerships are essential.

We acknowledge the support and expertise of the following hospitals who partner with us to provide excellent care.

Referring Partners


AACHOL (Assenting Action for Changing of Livelihoods) Trust is a non-profit organization based in Bangladesh.  Founded by Atom Rahman, the Trust works on creating new opportunities and facilitating existing opportunities by promoting health, education, environment and employment. The Trust refers children to Children First for necessary surgery in Australia

Interplast Australia & New Zealand

Through Interplast, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and allied health professionals from Australia and New Zealand provide reconstructive surgery and facilitate training and mentoring in countries in the Asia Pacific region. Interplast refers children to Children First when surgeons encounter a child whose surgery cannot be performed in-country

No Roads Expeditions Foundation

No Roads Expeditions Foundation support the injection of medical teams into remote areas and as a consequence come across children in need of surgery.  The team works closely with us, escorting children to Australia and back home when treatment is completed


Children First has partnered with ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children) a number of times facilitating surgery for children from developing countries. The Foundation has also provided accommodation at the Retreat for ROMAC patients

Program Supporters

We thank the following organisations for the invaluable support they provide to our Miracle sMiles program

  • Dorevitch Pathology
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kilmore Dental and Specialist Centre
  • Life Health Care
  • MIA Radiology
  • OAPL
  • ProMotion Prosthetics
  • Stryker