Annual report 2021 -22

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The latest Children First Foundation Annual Report is now available. Click the image to download a copy to read.



We are currently working on a new website that will launch in 2023.

We have been working on ways to improve your experience when learning about the children, donating, or engaging with the work we do. Our current web platform is also no longer supported, so it is a good opportunity to refresh our online presence and put our communications with you, our supporters, at the center of our website as we move to a high security, supported setting. We’ve also been hard at work making our logo and the colours we use more accessible for all – clear and easy to read online and off. Look out for the change in the new year.

The web address (URL) will remain the same, so you can still visit us as you usually do.

Please bear with us if you encounter any delays on the current website, as we work behind the scenes on updating things. We value your opinion and input, so if you do encounter an issue, as always, please let us know your feedback or concerns via

Welcome to our new arrivals!

If you follow our social media channels you will know we said a big ‘Hello again!’ to the wonderful Zenilda from Timor Leste. Zenilda who is here for treatment for severe scoliosis had to return back to Timor at the beginning of the year when it became apparent that the Covid Code Brown restriction was going to delay her treatment. But now she’s back, more courageous and determined than ever knowing that you as well as her medical team are more caring and determined than ever to help her transform her life.

We are also hosting Natalia from West Papua Indonesia. Natalia is another of the amazing A/Prof Leo Donnan’s patients and will be receiving treatment for a severely damaged leg. Broken in childhood, her leg was not treated and Natalia’s Neurofibromatosis (which also affects her facial features) impacted the way it healed, causing malformation, pain and impaired mobility.

We’ve also welcomed friendly Romario to The Retreat. Romario is also from Timor Leste and has come to Australia for assessment and complicated orthopaedic treatment to be undertaken by Orthopaedic surgeon, A/Prof Leo Donnan at St Vincent’s Private Hospital.  Romario’s dad’s sadness at his son’s situation is immense and is reflected in his beautiful words when he realised Children First could help his child, ‘(my) family can have hope and the ability to dream again.’  This must echo in your heart as it does in ours and we’ll keep you updated with Romario’s progress.

Pictured with Jack The Retreat’s Assistant Manager, are L to R; Romario, Zenilda, Natalia and Alonika, Natalia’s carer.

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