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Please give a gift of hope and health to children like Kyziah


“Before surgery, Kyziah would hide behind her hair and just withdraw.

It broke my heart.” 

Jobelle (Kyziah’s mum).

Six-year-old Kyziah from the Philippines was born with a Tessier cleft – a rare craniofacial cleft that involves the mouth, cheeks, eyes, ears, and forehead and often continues on into the hairline.

When she was 4-years-old, Kyziah started noticing that she looked different, and it started taking a huge toll on her confidence. While corrective surgery was an option for Kyziah, it was not possible in the Philippines.

“I was very worried about what the future would hold for Kyziah without surgery. I felt very sad that even though treatment was an option – it wasn’t to be for Kyziah.” Jobelle (Kyziah’s mum)

But thanks to the support of generous people like you, we at Children First Foundation brought Kyziah to Australia for life-changing surgery.

Kyziah pre and post-surgery

Your gift this festive season will change the lives of other children, just like Kyziah.

Kyziah today – happy, healthy and with a brighter future

With the cleft repaired as a result of the surgery, today Kyziah is back at home in the Philippines, happy and healthy. She recently started school, and according to her mum, Kyziah is thriving! 

“Kyziah is so happy and sure of herself now. No more hiding behind her hair!

She loves school and is learning to write numbers and letters.

She’s made lots of friends and doing all things that kids do. Most importantly, she is happy.

I am very proud of her.” Jobelle (Kyziah’s mum)

Your gift this festive season will change the lives of other children, just like Kyziah and give hope to mums, just like Jobelle.


1.7 billion children and young people worldwide do not have access to appropriate surgical care.

  • That’s almost 7 in 10 children and adolescents worldwide who miss out on surgery that could save their life, prevent a disability or allow them to reach their full potential.

  • 65% of the world’s children and adolescents without access to surgical care live in lower-middle income countries.

It is this inequality that we at Children First Foundation are passionate about addressing – because where a child is born should not govern their right to live a healthy and happy life

Your donation will enable more children, just like Kyziah, to receive the life-changing medical care they desperately need  and a chance at a brighter future.

You can make a huge difference

Your gift today will help facilitate critical surgery and treatment for disadvantaged children from developing countries. Sometimes surgery is needed to save a child’s life; sometimes to change it – enabling them to attend school, live, walk and run pain-free or simply to become a more active member of their community.

Watch the video below to see how world-class medical treatment and care can transform children’s lives.


It is only through the support of generous people like YOU, that we can help these children get the medical treatment that they desperately need.

Please considering donating today.

All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible. Thank you.

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