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What I’m looking forward to about, that I can talk properly finally. Over the years I got bullied from talking. That made me not talk much.

Please give a gift of hope and health to young people like Mona.

Mona from the Philippines was born with a severe cleft palate. Despite surgery and treatment undertaken in the Philippines, Mona has lots of struggles with her speech.

Although more treatment can be undertaken which could improve her speech, unfortunately Mona cannot access this treatment in the Philippines. 

But thanks to the support of generous people like you,  Children First Foundation have recently brought Mona to Australia for life-changing treatment. She is currently at our Retreat in regional Victoria, where is receiving the best of care as her expert medical team plan the course of her treatment.

Her surgery and ongoing treatment will be  challenging, but it’s Mona only chance to be able to speak more clearly. 

Your gift this festive season will change Mona’s life and the lives of other young people, just like her.

The surgery will mean a lot to me. I can talk normally and will get my words more understandble. I will be very happy to talk to my mum, family and friends.

1.7 billion children and young people worldwide do not have access to appropriate surgical care.

Prior to being referred to Children First Foundation, Monda was one of the 1.7 billion children worldwide without access to appropriate surgical care. As a result, she has  experienced much disadvantage.

Had she been born in Australia, her condition could likely have been treated much earlier. It is these inequalities that we at Children First Foundation are passionate about addressing, because where a child is born should not govern their right to live a healthy and happy life.

Your donation will enable more children, just like Mona, to receive the life-changing medical care they desperately need  and a chance at a brighter future.


It is only through the support of generous people like YOU, that these children are able to get the help that they desperately need.

Please consider donating today.

All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible. Thank you.

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