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Please donate today to ensure a bright future for these children

While formerly conjoined twins, Nima and Dawa have ear-to-ear smiles now, their future is uncertain. You may remember the Bhutanese twins from when they came to Melbourne, and their lives were saved through the advanced surgery that separated them.

The twins now need to take their next steps and go to kindergarten, but sadly, this is currently out of their reach as their family cannot afford the fees.

Their mum, Bhumchu is worried they will fall behind if they miss out on these crucial early years, particularly as they had such a rough start to life.

At Children First Foundation, we are committed to truly changing the future of the children we help. While our Miracle sMiles program facilitates life-changing surgery, our Back-Home-Support program focuses on the child’s long term future. The program works with children and their families to help them achieve their goals supporting health, education, and welfare opportunities post-treatment. 

You can help Nima and Dawa, and children like them, to access a bright future. 

Nima and Dawa before their life-saving surgery.

You may recall, when we brought Nima and Dawa to Australia in 2018, it was unclear if the tiny girls would both survive the complex operation needed to separate them as they were born joined at the abdomen, sharing a liver

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, their life-saving surgery was able to go ahead – and it was highly successful! The girls are now four years old and doing well. They love singing, dancing, and playing with the kids from their neighbourhood. The pair are also working hard mastering their alphabet, colours, numbers and so much more.

Nima and Dawa love learning.

Nima and Dawa are really interested in learning and going to school. All the other children near us are going and the girls are asking me because they want to join too. With my other children to take care of, I can’t afford to pay for them both.”  Bhumchu.

Like all mums, Bhumchu is desperate for her children to get the best start on their education. But the girls are the youngest in a large family, and giving them everything they need is a constant struggle.

Before they were seperated, I had so many fears and zero hope for my little babies – and look at them now! They can eat, sleep, play and do all the other things like other healthy kids. I want to make sure I can give them a proper future and education. Bhumchu.

These tiny girls have had to fight for so much. Please don’t let determination like theirs and their mum’s go unsupported. They have so much potential – and it would be so disappointing if it went unrealised because of a lack of funds.

Nima and Dawa say thank you!

Please join us in helping ensure Nima, Dawa and children like them are given the best chance to make a bright future for themselves.

Your support today will ensure they can take the next steps towards achieving their dreams.

All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible. Thank you.