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The Miracle sMiles Program facilitates life-changing surgery for disadvantaged children from developing countries that do not have the necessary resources.

The program accepts referrals for children who have an operable condition that cannot be treated in their home country; we seek this confirmation from surgeons who partner with us. As a rule, we assist children aged fifteen years or younger.

Children can be referred to us by family members, members of the child’s community, surgeons, health professionals and individuals volunteering in developing countries or tourists travelling overseas.

Families will be asked to provide medical reports, x-rays and case notes to enable our surgeons to decide if the condition is operable and in some cases, able to be managed when the child returns home.

The process when referring a child to Children First:

  1. Complete the referral form below. If you have medical reports, enabling surgeons to assess the child’s condition we will require these too.
  2. Our Case Manager will contact you to discuss the referral.
  3. The case is assessed by medical specialists who will determine the possibility of treatment. At this stage they may require additional medical reports.
  4. If the surgeon decides the child’s condition is operable and the case is accepted, the child will be need a valid passport and medical visa. Our case manager will advise the child’s family to organise these documents.
  5. If an adult is accompanying the child, they must also hold a valid passport and medical visa.
  6. Our Case Manager liaises with the family or referrer and makes travel arrangements.
  7. The child (and guardian with young child) are cared for at our Miracle sMiles Retreat for the duration of the child’s treatment and rehabilitation, until they return home.

Submit a Referral Form

Select one of the following methods to refer a child:

  • Download the above form, print and return via post, to:
    Miracle sMiles Case Manager
    Children First Foundation
    PO Box 2099, Hotham Hill, VIC 3051
  • Complete the online referral form.