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Donating to Children First Foundation

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. The Foundation has DGR status. All donations to the Foundation over $2 are fully tax deductible.

How is my donation used?

Any donations are ultimately used to ensure more children will have access to the life-changing surgery they need. For every $1 we receive 86 cents is used directly to support our programs, 14 cents is spent on essential administration costs.  

Thanks to generous donors like you we have supported over 400 children to access the medical care they need and to return to their homes and families healthier, happier and with renewed hope for their futures

Do you pay for surgery

Where possible we reduce our costs by asking surgical costs and medical equipment to be donated or discounted. We are incredibly grateful to all our wonderful medical partners from surgeons to pharmacists, who support us by giving of their time and skills so generously.

In some cases the specialised care needed cannot be provided pro bono and we are required to cover some or all of the costs for treatment. Just one night in ICU can cost thousands of dollars.

Even when surgical care is provided completely pro bono we still have costs such as travel expenses and visas, food and supplies, rehab and pre/post-surgical tests such as bloods and x-rays etc.

Shouldn’t we be helping Australian children instead?

It’s true that children in Australia may also face illness, poverty, and discrimination and we need to do all we can to address these issues at home where they exist. However, it’s also true that as a nation we enjoy an incredibly high standard of living, with a relative abundance of wealth, particularly when compared to our close geographic neighbors. Children First Foundation was established on the belief that all children have the right to access excellent medical care regardless of where they are born. Most of the children we assist are suffering from conditions that in Australia would have been treated immediately at birth or diagnosis, dealt with correctly at the time an injury was acquired or, due to better living conditions, simply never encountered at all. The inequalities in our world are never clearer than when hearing the stories of some of the children who pass through our doors.

We don’t believe that helping Australian children or helping those from overseas is a matter of choice but that we can, and should, do both. It is simply not the case that by choosing to help one child another will be deprived. In fact, part of the visa documentation that CFF are required to provide for each child we support includes a confirmation that no Australian citizen or permanent resident will be disadvantaged due to the treatment being provided.

As members of a safe, privileged and prosperous nation we have an obligation to demonstrate our values by showing concern and compassion for other human beings, especially to the world’s children.

Can I specify my donation be allocated to a particular child, location or campaign?

Yes you can.

From time to time we run campaigns for specific children or surgery, such as our campaign to support Dawa and Nima, the conjoined twins from Bhutan. In cases such as these the online donation page will have a drop down box where you can select with the campaign name and other donation methods will provide instructions on how to ensure your donation is directed to your chosen campaign as required.

If you would like to make a personal directive that your donation is used in a particular way please contact us to discuss this and we should be able to accommodate your request.

We cannot pass funds directly on to the family or child.

Can I set up a regular donation?

Regular donations are incredibly important as they allow us to plan based on the knowledge of steady income. By becoming a part of our vital regular giving program, your donations ensure that all the children referred to us now and, in the future, can get the life changing help they need – that’s why we call our regular donors Miracle Workers. Click here to set up a regular donation. 

Will I get a receipt?

If you made your donation online then the system will automatically generate a receipt for that can be used to tax purposes. We’ll send you one as well but the autogenerated one is sufficient.

If you made your donation over the phone, via post or EFT we will aim to send you a receipt within 4 weeks of receiving your donation.

 I made an EFT, postal or phone donation over 4 weeks ago and have not received a receipt?

Please contact us and we will arrange for your receipt to be sent to you as soon as possible.

Where can I find your bank details to make an EFT?

If you complete this form you will be sent to a new page with our bank details. Completing this form before you get the bank details allows us to ensure we have the info we need to match your donation to you and send you a receipt.

Can I fundraise for Children First Foundation?

Yes absolutely. Before you start fundraising its important that you get in touch and let us know your plans. We may be able to help with resources, such as an “authority to fundraise” letter, and provide other advice and support for your activity.

We strongly advise that you check any legislation for fundraising in your state and ensure that your event is done in conjunction with these regulations. Depending on your activity you may need to obtain a permit or license before commencing.

Its important that you ask permission if you intend to use the Children First Foundation name, logo or any other materials in your fundraising activity.

Contact us today to get all the support you need to make your fundraising a success.