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You can help make a life changing difference to disadvantaged children by fundraising for us. Children First Foundation can provide you with lots of ideas, tools and support to help you organise and maximise the potential of your fundraising. We appreciate everything you do, because every dollar helps. Before you start fundraising its important that you get in touch and let us know your plans. We may be able to help with resources and other support.

Ideas to try

Create an event.

Putting on an event at your school, work or community group is a great way to fundraise. All you need to do is decide what to do; ideas we’ve seen include raffles, trivia nights, morning teas, concerts and sausage sizzles.

Join an event.

There are lots of events run all over the country, so if you like to run, hike, swim or paddle you can find one that suits you. Take part alone or get a team together with friend and family. We can help you set up an on-line fundraising page to make it easy for people to support you.

Donate a day.

Ask for donations instead of gifts for your birthday, wedding or Christmas. If you feel you already have everything you need ask your loved ones to give to someone who doesn’t.

Give something up.

Give up that morning coffee, afternoon cake or even cigarettes. You can donate the money you’ve saved or ask others to support you in your personal challenge. Why not get everyone involved and get the entire office to skip the coffee run for a week.

Attend an event.

Children First Foundation runs several events over the year if you don’t want to organise your own why not come to one of ours. We’ll keep you posted on when and where.

Get Started

So, it’s time to get creative. We don’t mind if you want to grow a moustache, shave your head or dance the polka for 24 hours we’re here to help.

We strongly advise that you check any legislation for fundraising in your state and ensure that your event is done in conjunction with these regulations. Depending on your activity you may need to obtain a permit or license before commencing. We can provide you with an “authority to fundraise” letter to support your activity.

Its important that you ask permission if you intend to use the Children First Foundation name, logo or any other materials in your fundraising activity.

Contact us today to get all the support you need to make your fundraising a success.