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At Children First we work with young people every day, so we know that when they come together they can achieve great things. We wish to extend our thanks to our school partners whose support and friendship has meant so much to all the kids at Children First Foundation.

We enjoy working with school communities not just to support our fundraising but by helping kids learn about acceptance, tolerance and the importance of helping others. We love the synergy of seeing Australian young people help less fortunate young people, as we believe where you are born should not affect your opportunity to be given your best chance in life.

The great thing for schools about partnering with Children First Foundation is that because we work so closely with all our children we can share their unique stories with you and your school community can see firsthand the impact of your support.

Get Involved

There are a number of ways your school community can partner with Children First – all it takes is a little imagination and a caring spirit.

Fundraise for us:
Here are some of the activities schools have used to raise funds to help children:

  • Host a morning tea for parents and students – invite us to come and speak
  • Organise a school mini-fete
  • Arrange a coin trail – which class has the longest trail?
  • Organise a coin collection – which class can collect the most 5c, 10c, $1 coins – you choose the value of the coin and watch the jars fill!
  • Donate a coin to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar – closest wins the jelly beans and Children First receives the coins!
  • Have a cup cake day


Request a speaker.

We love to hear from schools that are committed to creating a warm and caring culture of giving in their students. We also love visiting the school that wish to help us help others so please  contact us to set a date.

Visit the Miracle sMiles Retreat

Children First sets aside some dates throughout the year when our supporter schools can visit to meet the children they are helping and present the proceeds of their fundraising efforts. Students can join us for lunch and there’s always a game of UNO, a jig saw puzzle or a game of pool to be enjoyed with the kids.

Get Started

To find out more information about how your school can partner with Children First Foundation and share the joy of giving  contact us today.