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We are incredibly lucky that generous people often ask us if there is anything we need. Well the answer is, of course, there are always things that we need. We try and ensure that the Retreat is not only a safe place for our children to be but also that it is fun and relaxing place. If you or your business would like to support us by purchasing, donating or contributing towards a specific item, below are a list of things that we really need.

Urgently Required:

Gravel for our parking areas: We love the rain but it means our volunteers cars get bogged. We need something to get the wheels turning again so they can get out safely back home after their shift.

Washing Machine: You know how much washing your kids produce – try having 13 of them! One of our washing machines has started to wash the floor as well as the clothes and much as we love multi-tasking this isn’t helpful!

Shower Screens: We have a few showers we can’t use. This means there is only one shower for girls and one for boys. If only we had the screens we need the kids wouldn’t have to wait in line each morning.

Car Seats: Our little ones are constantly in cars up and down the Hume for appointments in Melbourne. Our car seats are well worn and we really need new ones to make sure they are safe and secure on their way their appointments.

10 Toilets: With constant use and flushing with bore water our toilets are a little worse for wear. We’d love to replace them with shiny new ones as when they aren’t working its seriously bad news!

Privacy Curtains: We are incredibly lucky to have a dedicated physio room at the Retreat to support the kids in achieving their best possible rehab results. However we are currently unable to screen off the treatment beds from the rest of the room. We’d love some curtains and tracks (like the ones around hospital beds) that we can pull around the beds when they are in use to ensure that the kids get the privacy they need when working with their physios.

Items we would love:

Living Room Furniture: Our lovely homely lounge room creates a warm and loving atmosphere for our kids. We have several large couches that really need to be replaced as they are very worn and showing their 20 years of love and life!

Cover for our outdoor area:  We’d love to cover our outdoor eating area so that we can use it during wet/dewy weather. Some Laser Light or equivalent coverage would allow us to use the space more often and make sure the whole family can eat together.

A new dishwasher: We do get the kids to wash up after breakfast and lunch as part of their household chores but after dinner our poor volunteers are left alone as the kids hop off to bed. Our dishwasher is broken and we’d love a new one. We’ve also found washing by hand uses more water and as we sue tank water we do need to try and save what we can.

A clothes drier: With 13 kids and their guardians laundry to take care of a few rainy days can leave us in the a pickle with laundry drying all over the place. A drier for emergencies like this would make sure we can keep everyone’s clothes clean and dry for when they need them.

Always Required:

Warm coats and shoes: Most of our children come from hot countries and arrive unprepared for the Melbourne weather. Good quality warm coats, hats and shoes are always welcome. Before you donate these items please check them for holes, stains etc. If you wouldn’t let your own child wear them please don’t leave them with us.

Butter, cheese and meat: We do get some generous food donations from Fareshare and SecondBite but these items are often limited and we need high protein foods to help our kids put on weight pre-surgery and heal post surgery.