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Workplace Giving is easy, it allows you to make a tax-deductible donation directly from your pay. You can support Children First Foundation regularly whilst also reducing your taxable income with no need to keep receipts for making claims at tax time. It’s also great for Children First Foundation as regular donations help us to plan and ensure that we can help all the children referred to us now and, in the future.

Get Started

  1. Contact your payroll officer to see if your workplace has a Workplace Giving program.
  2. Nominate Children First Foundation as your preferred charity and decide on the amount you wish to donate from each pay.
  3. Encourage your colleagues to get involved and join you in supporting Children First.
  4. Ask your employer if they’d consider matching your donation.
  5. If there is no program in place, ask your employer to set up a Workplace Giving program and nominate Children First as your chosen charity.


Workplace Giving provides an effective and simple way for your business to fulfill its social responsibility objectives, improve staff morale and engage with community programs.  We can send your company and employees regular updates about Children First. Your combined support will make a significant difference to children in need.

Get Started

  1. It’s easy to set up a Workplace Giving program. You will find information about Workplace Giving on the ATO website (link).
  2. You can use an existing giving platform like GoodtoGive  and GoodCompany to manage all the administration for you
  3. Nominate Children First Foundation as your company charity
  4. Encourage your employees to get involved and support Children First.
  5. Your company can get involved by matching the amount your employees give or by donating at any time.