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Our donors are the life-blood of Children First. They help us keep the wheels turning! All our donors share one purpose – to level the playing field and give disadvantaged kids a chance at the happy healthy life we all take for granted. We thank each and every one of them.

Miracle Makers

Miracle Makers form our exclusive group of major donors and philanthropists. They provide us with a secure foundation, enabling us to plan for the future so we can continue helping children.   Miracle Makers receive a regular news update and have the opportunity to secure naming rights at the Retreat.
If you’d like more information about making a major gift and joining our Miracle Makers, please contact us.

Miracle Workers

Our regular givers are our Miracle Workers. Their on-going support ensures that all the children referred to us can get the life changing surgery that makes a change in their world. By donating regularly our Miracle Workers allow us to plan each year with confidence because we know that we will have a steady income stream that we can rely upon.

Join the Miracle Workers today.

Philanthropic Trusts & Foundations

This past year we have been fortunate to receive donations and grants from the following trusts and foundations. We thank them most sincerely for their generosity and supporting the children from countries without the necessary medical resources.

Scobie Mackinnon

UPS Foundation

Danks Trust

Priceline Sisterhood Foundation

Commonwealth Bank Centenary Grant

Universal Charitable Fund

Mutual Trust Foundation

Eva May Foundation