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As you’d expect a property of 45 acres and a house full of children with various physical challenges adds up to a lot of work, so we always have tasks for corporate volunteers, social club groups or groups of friends just wanting to lend a hand.

Corporate and group Volunteers undertake various tasks, ranging from pre-arranged projects by groups of skilled volunteers to general jobs around the house and property. These general tasks may include a specific project, basic gardening, painting, sorting and tidying linen cupboards, sorting the donated clothing into age/season/gender categories, washing windows, sorting and tidying the book shelves.

We can promise lots of fun and there’s lots of interaction with the children – even a couple of games. The group from EmpowerMEnt  had a great time when they volunteered.

We recommend a minimum of six volunteers to a group to ensure the best experience for your team.

A maximum number of 12 is ideal but we have accommodated groups of up to 40.

To hear more about the impact your business could make, contact our Development Manager today.

Children First Foundation is a registered charity and donations over $2 are tax deductible