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“Thank you to everyone for helping me have my surgery and treatment. Thank you for changing my life.” Christina.

Christina, from Tanzania, suffered from severely bowed legs. As she grew older, the condition became worse. It compromised Christina’s mobility, caused her much pain, and eroded her confidence. Without appropriate treatment, her quality of life would have been significantly impacted.

Thanks to the Children First Foundation donors, medical teams and volunteers, Christina was brought to Australia to have corrective surgery and treatment earlier this year.

I am so happy that my legs are straight. It’s no longer painful to move about, says Christina.

“Now I can do all the things I couldn’t do before, like running, dancing and swimming. I feel confident about my life now.”

Your donation this festive season will enable more children, just like Christina, to receive the medical care they desperately need and a chance at a brighter future.

Your support will help facilitate critical surgery and treatment for disadvantaged children from developing countries. Sometimes surgery is needed to save a child’s life; sometimes to change it – enabling them to attend school, live, walk and run pain-free or simply to become a more active member of their community.

Watch the video below to see more children’s life-changing transformations:

It is only through the support of generous people like YOU, that these children are able to get the help that they desperately need.

More amazing life-changing stories

On a remote island off Vanuatu, little Jack was born with a large lump on his tiny face. Fearful that he would hurt himself, and to keep him away from curious eyes, his mum Boufa was careful to shield her son from others. By a sheer stroke of luck, some visitors from Victoria came across Jack. Seeing the large bump on his face, they were eager to help and referred him to Children First Foundation. Upon further investigation, it was discovered the lump was not simply cosmetic but a life-threatening encephalocele. Jack was rushed to Australia for life-saving surgery in 2018. Now back at home, Jack is thriving. His mum says “Jack no longer has headaches, he is always playing and never sits down!”.

Formerly conjoined twins, Nima and Dawa from Bhutan were referred to Children First Foundation and brought to Australia for life-saving surgery in 2018. 

A team of 18 was involved in the complex procedure to separate the girls who were joined at the chest and abdomen. Just 16 days later they were given the all-clear and discharged from The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. The twins spent the next four months at The Children First Foundation Retreat where they were cared for by Bhumchu, staff and volunteers as they learnt to live life as two separate girls. The girls will soon celebrate their fourth birthday – a milestone that Mum, Bhumchu thought they’d never reach.

Celestina from Timor-Leste was born with a rare condition called ellis-van creveld syndrome, which caused multiple issues with her limbs. Her shin bones were severely damaged, causing her knees to collapse. Over time Celestina could barely walk. Life became extremely tough, and this bright and bubbly young girl lost all hope. Thankfully, following a long and challenging treatment, Celestina is now healthy and happy and has a bright future ahead of her. She has just completed her final year exams and hopes to secure a scholarship to study English at University.

Angel from the Philippines was born with a growth on her forehead that covered her nose and mouth. Although Angel’s parents showered her with love and encouragement, they seldom let her out of the house, fearful of how other children would react. Then one day, the inevitable happened. A little boy approached Angel while the family were out and shouted, ‘‘Monster!’’ Angel did not flinch. She just patted him on the shoulder and said, ‘‘Hi.’’ Today, thanks to her surgery and treatment, Angel is free from the engulfing growth on her face. She loves playing with other children and demonstrates kindness, bravery and wisdom beyond her years.

Born with a condition known as clubfeet, seven-year-old Chien from Vietnam had never walked. He relied on his school friends to carry him on their backs or inside he could scoot around using his arms. Unable to access appropriate treatment in Vietnam, life for little Chien was extremely challenging. Thankfully, after successful treatment in 2019, Chien recently started the school year walking on his own feet.

All these children have their own stories and challenges but one thing is the same for them all. They need someone like you to be the difference in their lives. We know there are many more children just like them who need help. If you believe that because where a child is born shouldn’t determine their right to live a healthy, happy life you can help them today.

I want to transform a child’s life today.

All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

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